We are open and back in business!

Our mission is to provide a clean, comfortable boxing and fitness facility in the  South Jersey area where people of all ages will have the opportunity to develop in restraint ,respect  and responsibility while learning tactics in self defense and boxing. In addition we are striving to create an environment where people of all ages can reach their fitness goals Including weight loss, strength and endurance.


Youth Private Lessons

15 Minutes from Phila. Bridges

"Dylan and Dave Price" 7x National Champions ,Dave Price Trainer of the year 2012 &2017 and USA boxing national team coach 2016-present.

Self Defense

At D-Boys boxing and fitness we are capable of taking our members from the introductory stages of boxing all the way through the professional ranks.We have  developed a Progression Process very similar to that of the Martial Arts to monitor and mark the development of each individual member. We begin with "White Gloves and progress through Black Gloves". We have created nine levels of progression with each level taking approximately 8-10 weeks. We have "Development Demonstrations" five times per yer to ensure all members have an opportunity to demonstrate their newly attained skill levels.