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D-boys Nation boxing class
Baby D-boys boxing gym
D-boys kids class
(In addition to each package all Adults are required to pay a $50 initiation fee 
and youth are required to pay a $30 initiation fee.)
Competition Boxers:
Boxers competing Amateur or Professional with a minimum of 5 fights 4-5 times/wk.= $80.00/mo.
Monday, Wednesday ,Thursday & some weekends
Gold Plan​ : Private Boxing Lessons or Strength and Conditioning
  1. Gold #1 : Private training 1 day/wk. $150/mo.
  2. Gold #2 : Private training 2 days/wk. $250/mo.
  3. Gold#3:  Private training 3 days/wk.  $330/mo.
Platinum Plan : Boxing / Self Defense
  • Platinum #1: 16yrs.-Adults 
  • Platinum #2: Youth 6yrs.-15yrs.


Class Times

  1.  Platinum #2: 
  • Youth Mentoring(free for enrolled youth)
  • Clementon Youth: Mon. &Wed. 4:30p-5:15p $125/mo.
  • Cherry Hill Youth: Tues. & Thursday 6:15p-7:00p $150/mo.
     2.  Platinum#1:
  •  +Thurs.: 4:30pm-5:45pm  $100/mo.
  • Clementon: Mon.& Wed. 5:15pm-6:30pm $100/mo.
  • Cherry Hill: Tues.& Thurs. 7:00p-7:45p $150/mo.
    3. Morning Sessions : Sunday-Friday 8:30am-10am (by appointment)


All memberships are based on  a 3 month agreement.

All payments are due the First of every month, you have until the 5th and you will be charge a late fee of $10.00

There will however be exceptions if communicated in advance.

We have a practice of no child left behind .

D-boys strength and conditioning
D-boys boxing athletes
D-boys Nation
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